• Are bookings necessary?
    No, we do not accept bookings unless for pre-payment.

    To secure a spot please call us on 0437929373. Bookings are for pre-purchasing of tickets only. You do not have to pre-purchase tickets however this will secure you a session. Pre-payment of tickets can be organised over the phone or drop in and see us. Come the session time, those who have bookings will be put through first followed by walk-ins. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details on any booked out sessions.

  • Does it cost anything to watch?
    No, it's completely free.

  • Is EFTPOS available?

  • What clothing is suitable to wear?
    Preferably long pants or tights, anything casual and easy to move around in. Don't forget LONG socks!

  • Are prices any cheaper with BYO skates?

  • Do you have penguin skate aids?
    Yes! These are $10 to hire per session.

  • Can two or more people be on a toboggan board?
    No. Due to safety reasons only one person per board.

  • Is skate hire included in prices?

  • Is there an age restriction for ice skating?
    No, we suggest 4 years and older however it is totally up to how comfortable the child and parent is on the ice.

  • ​​What is your range in skate sizes?
    We range in skates all the way up to a men's size 15.
    For small children who are just learning and have a shoe size between 8 and 12, we have two bladed skates that strap over enclosed shoes. We also have these children sizes in single bladed skates.

  • Can I toboggan outside of a session time?
    No, tobogganing tickets can only be used during a session time.