• Are bookings necessary?
    No, just turn up to any session time of your choice.

  • Does it cost anything to watch?
    No, it's completely free.

  • Is EFTPOS available?

  • What clothing is suitable to wear?
    Preferably long pants or tights, anything casual and easy to move around in.
    ​Don't forget LONG socks!

  • When can I skate?
    We run in session times, each lasting 1.5hrs. 
    Session times can be found here.

  • How much does it cost to skate?
    All prices can be found here.

  • Are prices any cheaper with BYO skates?
    No, however feel free to bring your own skates if you wish.

  • Do you have skate aids?
    Yes! We have penguins ($10) and kangas ($15) available for hire.

  • Can two or more people be on a toboggan board?
    No. Due to safety reasons only one person per board, no exceptions.

  • Is skate hire included in prices?

  • Is there an age restriction for ice skating?
    We recommend ages 4+.

  • ​​What is your range in skate sizes?
    We range in skates all the way up to a men's size 15.
    For small children who have a shoe size between 8 and 12, we have double bladed
    ​skates that strap over enclosed shoes. We also have these children sizes in single bladed skates.

  • Can I toboggan outside of a session time?
    No, tobogganing tickets can only be used during a session time of your choice.

  • Are lessons or ice sports available?
    No, we are pop up recreational ice skating rink only.

  • Are drinks available for purchase?
    Yes, we have a range of cold drinks.